Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Fabulous Hoooked Zpagetti Rug Pattern

This is a fabulous rug to make with the gorgeous Zpagetti yarn from Hoooked.  It crochets up amazingly quickly - I made mine in a lunch break - and can be placed at the side of a bed or cot or used as a bath mat.

It measures approximately 21 inches or 54 cm across, and can be made bigger although you will find that you will then need more than one roll of yarn.

Go to for the yarn or try here on Etsy

Because the yarn is made from recycled t-shirts you will find that sometimes you can only purchase one ball of a certain colour.


1 Big Roll of 850g, 120m of Hoooked Zpagetti Yarn
1 Size 10 crochet hook
A bit of strength needed, this is big crocheting ;)


UK Terms used Treble (tr) is the same as a USA Double Crochet (dc)
UK Double Crochet (dc) is the same as a USA Single Crochet (sc)

Start: Chain (ch) 6 and join with a slip stitch (sl st)

Round 1: ch2 (this will count as your first treble – some people like to chain 3 for a first treble – not to worry, do what you feel comfortable with ☺ ), then 10 more (tr) – making 11 tr in total including the first one made from ch2. Join with a sl st.

It will scrunch up at the start but don’t panic, all will be well.

Round 2: ch4 (this will count as a tr with a 2 chain) then *1tr, 2ch* all the way around and join to the 2nd ch of the ch4 that you started with. You should be left with 11 holes or spaces.

Round 3: 2 ch and 2 tr into the gap, *2ch, 3tr into the next gap* continue around and close with a sl st to the 2nd of the 2ch at the start.

Round 4: Same as round 3.

Round 5: 2ch, 2 tr in the same stitch, 1 tr, *2ch, 1tr, 2tr in the same stitch, 1tr* continue around and finish with a sl st into the 2nd ch.

Note: I like to do my increases in the middle of a group, but if you prefer you can do yours into the last stitch of each group to make life simpler ☺

Round 6. 2ch, 2tr in the same stitch, 2tr *2ch, 1tr, 2tr in the same stitch, 2tr*, continue around and finish with a sl st in the 2nd chain.

Round 7: 2ch, 1tr, 2tr in the same stitch, 2tr, *2ch, 2tr, 2 tr in the same stitch, 2tr, continue around and finish with a sl st into the 2nd chain.

Round 8: 2 ch, 1 tr, 2tr in the same stitch, 3 tr, *2ch, 2tr, 2tr in the same stitch, 3tr* continue around and finish with a sl st into the 2nd chain.

This finishes the increasing in order to make the rug with 1 roll of Zpagetti. You may continue with more rounds (increasing by 1tr in each section of trebles) if you want to make a bigger rug and have
more Zpagetti yarn.

Round 9: ch7, sc (single crochet) into the 7th tr of the previous round, 2sc into the 2 ch gap, *1sc into the first tr, ch7, sc into the 7th tr, 2 sc into the 2ch gap* continue around finishing with the 2sc.

Round 10: 10tr into the 7 chain loop below, then 2sc into the middle 2 of the 4 sc below. Continue around finishing on 2sc, cut the yarn by a generous amount and weave and tie the end to the back of your rug.


NOTE: If you have made more rows then in Row 9, instead of ch7, make your chain as long as the amount of trebles you have in each section, and then in Row 10 make as many trebles as is needed to give a nice and compact look.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  Wash and leave to dry without using the tumble dryer, as I am not at all sure if the rug would take too kindly to the heat.


  1. What a cool rug! I might have to try one myself :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Stephanie - thank you, you are welcome:) It is a sweet and easy rug to make, I have three which I use as bath mats and they wash really well, although I always leave mine to dry without using the tumble dryer.

  3. Obrigado Daniela, você é muito bem-vindo :)

  4. Hi there, where can I buy the Hooked Zpagetti thread, please?

  5. Thanks for the pattern! Love them, just finished to rugs for my bedroom! :D

  6. This rug is so pretty...and fun to make, thank you for putting the pattern with pictures online. I could not find the zpagetti yarn at any of the stores here so I ended up using a Lion Brand bulky yarn. I made mine with a few different colors and will use it in a small nook area in the hallway. I hope to do another one soon. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Becky Jones
    Littleton, CO.

  7. Thank you very much for the pattern, very simple and quick to make indeed! I am a beginne,r this was my second crochet project ever and it worked a treat! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Made one tonight in grey white and dark purple its gorgeous!

  9. Oh my goodness, thank you!
    I have been looking for a pattern to try out with my new zpagetti yarn, and this one is perfect.
    Cannot wait to try it out :)


  10. My Hooked Zpagetti just arrived. It's my first time :) I'm just making a rug for my baby girl's room (she's in my belly now) using this pattern. It's great! Thank you so much♥

  11. Thank you for this pattern! It is absolutely perfect! I just made a black one with 3 strands of worsted weight yarn. It's cute, but not as big as I had hoped. I'm making another with 4 strands of worsted weight, and am going to extend the pattern a bit. Thank you so much! this tutorial is very very helpful!


  12. Hello
    I am a beginner and I dared to take on this project. I only did granny squares so far. I am Belgian, so I already had to look up all the terms. I don't think I'm doing quite well :-( I am at round 6 and my work curls up like crazy. My boyfriend calls it a shower cap :-) How does this happen?
    Also: in granny squares, you pull throught the holes you create, so that's what I did here too, but is this right, or do you have to pull through the 'knots'? (hard to explain...). It really looks messy :-)

  13. In round 5 you say ch 2 and 2tr in same stitch, what stitch is that?

    1. Beautiful, gonna try it. Did crocheting 52 years ago, hope I will achieve it.

  14. Hello - What a pretty rug/mat. It is exactly what I have been searching for in size and pattern. Smaller and a pretty with a "clean" look. As you live in England i am assuming the pattern is in British crochet terms and as I live in Canada where we use North American terms, I will just "translate", successfully I hope. Thank you for sharing your darling pattern. Pamela. Victoria, Canada

  15. Thank you for such a great, easy and quick to do rug. I have just completed one in an hour. Pink for a girls bathroom. I am in Lesotho and enjoying your patterns. Bravo

  16. Is Row 4 in stitches or gap? When you say, repeat row 3, my group changes